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The Slash RS Ranch
Quemado, New Mexico
Premium Hunting Ranch and
Cattle and Horse Ranch

(see Agricultural Conservation Easements bottom paragraph)
1200 Deeded Acres
80 Acres New Mexico State Lease
5,220 Acres BLM Lease
Total 6500 Acres

Carrying Capacity:  90 Head year long

Location:  West Central New Mexico, Catron County.  The ranch is about 30 miles east of Springerville, AZ, just over  one mile north of Hwy 60 on county maintained road.   Gallup, NM is about 100 miles north of the ranch, and Quemado, NM is about 20 miles east of the ranch.

Improvements:  Fenced and cross-fenced into four main pastures and three small trap pastures.  Three sets of corrals, access to corrals in each large pasture.  Three livestock wells equipped with windmills, storage tanks and drinkers.  No pipelines.  Numerous man made ponds and small dirt tanks.  Four bedroom, two full bath manufactured home with high altitude insulation  and wood stove as well as central heat.  Domestic well equpped with submersible pump.  State of the art solar/wind generation system with back up gas powered generator.  Phone service is through Western New Mexico Telephone company.

Elevation:    The elevation ranges from a low of 6800 feet above sea level in the Agua Fria Canyon to a high of  7586 ft. on the top of Cimorron Mesa.  The ranch headquarters are at 7200 feet above sea level.

The Slash RS Ranch is about 40% treed and 60% open.  The country begins with open rolling grasslands bounded by steep lava sided Cimarron Mesa and flows on to rolling open hills which drop into Agua Fria Canyon, creating  a varied and scenic ranch.   This ranch has just enough character to make it intersting, while still being an extremely easy to operate ranch.

Vegetation:  Trees are mostly cedar and pinon pine trees with just a few aspens in the canyon.  Grasses include but are not limited to  black, blue and sideoats grama , indian rice grass,  alkali sacaton,  matmulie   and feather grass.  Forages include four wing salt brush and mountain mahogany.

Climate:  The climate in western New Mexico is very plesant.  Cold winters without  snow accumulation make for easy winter work.  Cool, monsoon summers make it more comfortable to do outdoor work.  The higher altitude gives us cooler summers without really punishing us too much in the winters.

Precipitation:  10-12 inches per year, average.

Wildlife and Hunting:  This ranch is in Game Management Unit 12.  Wildlife in the area include: elk, mule deer, antelope, occasional black bear and mountain lion and various small game animals.   The ranch receives landowner permits for antelope and elk from the NM Game and Fish Dept.

Mail Boxes are located on Hwy 60, four miles from the headquarters. which is also the school bus stop for Quemado schools.

Quemado Schools are excellent with K-12  and  new facilities

This ranch also has great wind and/or solar farm potential  We get 330 days of sun per year.  The BLM has been mandated to work with people who are attempting to install wind or solar farms.  The south end of this ranch has great potential for that, both on private and BLM.

Agricultural Conservation Easements are a great source of both federal tax credits and New Mexico tax credits.    If you are a business owner facing a large tax, consider this.  The federal tax credits can cut down on the taxes your busness pays over the next 15 years.   The New Mexico tax credits  may be sold for cash.  By entering into an agricultural caonservation easement, all agricultural and hunting activities can continue unhindered,  just as they are now.  At current prices, one could buy the ranch, enter it into an agricultural conservation easement and receive nearly the full purchase price back in federal and New Mexico tax credits.
Agua Fria Canyon, Slash RS Ranch
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Price: $1.55 million
Terms: Cash.   We need to complete a 1031 Tax Exchange on this property.

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